A Woman's Love

I've been blessed with the opportunity to become friends with Stephanie Flood during my time in Flagstaff, AZ. A talented writer, artist, musician, and general creative being, Stephanie inspires me to push my own limits in self-expression. 


 "Glow" (Mixed media art) by Stephanie Flood  

"Glow" (Mixed media art) by Stephanie Flood  

A Woman's Love By Stephanie Flood

A woman 

glows like a ripening moon

humming above the prickly terrain of the Sonoran

desert. Her sighs travel the globe like the 

Aurora Borealis dancing these ancient wreathes bursting in prehistoric colors flying through a

nomadic sky dispelling time

dispelling words. Her light sparks valleys and human-built monuments 

over mountain peaks and cacti stretching centuries past 

the Canterbury tales

Shakespearean sonnets and

Gothic cathedrals that freckle civilization. She loves from the base of existence dancing like 

leaves grown from seeds of a Bonsai tree or like sacred Kachinas spirits

on the San Francisco peaks when she is whole

able to unveil your fear with peppermint scented lips able to still guide you on 

even in the dark

                  even when she’s gone.



Stephanie Flood is a writer and artist based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Check out more of her writing, multimedia artwork, and music here: http://floodfreelance.weebly.com/