Sisters, Brothers, Neighbors

I've known Adam Abada for a while now -- one of his most admirable feats is skateboarding from New York to Boston. This short film of his is a poignant, intimate portrait of sibling relationships: when we look at the relationships we have as adults with our brother and sisters, it's inevitable to stumble into nostalgia, looking back at the years we spent growing up in such close proximity with them as children. It's bittersweet to think that those years are mere memories now, but always a good reminder to spend as much time as possible with those who you know best, when you can. 

NEIGHBORS, a short film by ADAM ABADA

My sister recently moved to New York and is helping me realize what a daunting place it can be for someone who isn’t fully used to it, especially in comparison to the home life she had where she was living in DC (big house with tons of friends always around as opposed to much smaller apartment with friendly but constantly busy roommates). As a result it’s making me really consider my relationship with her (always very strong) in an effort to make sure she’s getting used to her new life here. It’s making me think a lot about our relationship historically as kids, growing up, apart in college, and where it is now as adults living in the same place

Adam Abada is an artist and filmmaker from New York City. Hit him up or catch him cruising. You can also check out his website here: